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Commercial Facilities

At Water Dynamics, we partner with some of the leading owners of commercial real estate properties and Class A office facilities. We understand the importance of flawless operation of HVAC and comfort cooling applications to ensure that your tenants can focus on what they do best. All of our programs are designed to add to our partners' bottom line. Our extensive cost-saving products aim to reduce water usage and protect the life of valuable and expensive equipment.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems require close attention to water chemistry to prevent downtime and unnecessary repairs to equipment. Water Dynamics has extensive experience treating boilers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, chillers and heat exchangers to allow optimal HVAC functioning. Different water sources require different treatment approaches. Our experts can design the best chemical program to meet your needs based on the source of your raw water.


Boiler and cooling systems are the heart of your manufacturing processes. Water Dynamics works with a wide variety of manufacturers. Our clients are leaders in the manufacturing of petrochemicals, cosmetics, food processing, paper products, metals and many others.

Hospitals and Institutions

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require special attention. Patient lives depend on the proper functioning of HVAC systems. It is critically important to ensure prevention of dangerous bacterial growth in water systems, including domestic water systems, especially if your facility houses elderly or immunocompromised individuals. Water Dynamics has extensive experience working with hosptials and nursing homes to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of vital water systems. We can develop comprehensive Water Management Programs for legionella prevention and remediation in accordance with State and Local laws. In addition, we can furnish your facility with high-quality domestic water disinfection using the leading disinfection technologies including chlorine dioxide, monochloramine, silver-copper ionization and others.

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