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Domestic Water Treatment

Clean domestic water is critically important to the health of people in your facility. Impurities such as heavy metals or dangerous microbiological growth can pose serious health concerns. At Water Dynamics, we can provide testing and long-term remediation of microbiological growth using safe and approved disinfectant agents. Whether it is new construction in need of disinfection and bacterial testing, or a long-standing building in need of water purification, Water Dynamics is here to help you achieve results.

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-Safe drinking water
-Reduced bacterial growth
-Clean systems following new construction

Bacterial Growth
Domestic hot water systems often contain deadly Legionella bacteria that can lead to Legionnaire’s Disease, especially in immune-compromised patients, elderly people and smokers. In August 2015, 12 people died from Legionnaire’s Disease in the Bronx, NY. The disease can be contracted after inhalation or aspiration of water particles containing the bacteria. This can happen during showering, washing in the sink, or any other means that can lead to contaminated water in the lungs. Water Dynamics can provide disinfection technologies that are safe for drinking water.

Disinfection can be achieved by various means including:
-Temperature control
-Chlorine Dioxide
-Silver-copper ionization

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