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The Plan

Water Management Programs are a new concept to many, even those who have worked in facility operations for decades. Described in detail in the American Society of Heat, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 188-2015, a Water Management Program is a plan in written document form that details the minimum measures required to reduce the risk of legionella bacteria growth in building water systems. Simply put, the plan lays out a detailed plan for prevention, detection and remediation of legionella bacteria. The Plan is implemented by a team of individuals, which can include building owners, operators, contractors, or other individuals designated to the task by the building owner.

Shortly after ASHRAE passed Standard 188-2015, an epidemic of Legionnaire's Disease in New York City prompted NY State and City officials to pass emergency regulations to stem the growth of legionella bacteria in building cooling towers. As part of the regulations, building owners must implement a Water Management Program that complies with Standard 188-2015 Section 7.2 (the part relating to cooling towers). Building owners must also implement a plan for legionella testing and a plan for remediation if legionella is found. In addition, cooling towers must be inspected quarterly and certified annually by a NY Professional Engineer, an environmental consultant, or a Certified Water Technologist (CWT). Water Dynamics employees are some of the most highly trained and qualified water treatment experts in the field. We maintain CWT accreditation, while most water treatment consultants do not.
Is your current water treater a Certified Water Technologist and qualified to keep you in compliance?

While it may seem like a difficult task, implementing an effective Water Management Program will lead to better control of cooling systems, reduced risk to the safety of building and local occupants, and reduced risk of liabilities due to illness. Water Dynamics is leading the way in developing comprehensive Water Management Programs and can help you meet compliance quickly and efficiently.

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-Compliance with New York State and NYC regulations
-Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 188-2015
-Reduced growth of legionella bacteria
-Reduced risk to building and local occupant health
-Reduced liability due to Legionella infection
-Annual Cooling Tower Certification in compliance with NY Regulations
-Cooling Tower inspections by a Certified Water Technologist (CWT)

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