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Waste Water Chemistry

Management of waste water can be a critical component of your plant operations. Chemical treatment programs must be carefully designed to ensure that your plant is in compliance with waste regulations to avoid costly surcharges and prevent harm to the environment. Water Dynamics provides a range of competitively priced products and expertise to clarify waste water to control effluent pH, remove suspended solids and ensure that your plant waste is as clean as possible before discharge.

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-Maximum effluent water cleanliness
-Greatly reduced sewer water costs
-Protection of the surrounding ecosystem

Waste Water
Suspended particles in waste water typically contain negative charges that prevent them from coming together for separation from water. The use of inorganic chemistry and coagulant metal ions reduces this negative charge and can be enhanced with chemical polymers to form pin flocs. These flocs then form into larger particles that fall to the bottom of clarification equipment and can be safely removed from the waste water effluent.

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