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Water Management Programs

Water Dynamics is leading the way in helping customers in New York State comply with the new cooling tower legionella regulations. We are in close contact with NY administrators and are helping our partners navigate the confusing legislative environment. Read more about how we can help your facility comply with NY State Regulations and ASHRAE 188-2015.

Water Treatment Solutions

Founded in 1999, Water Dynamics employs some of the most highly trained and qualified water treatment experts in the field. With decades of combined experience, Water Dynamics employees include Certified Water Technologists (CWT) and Ph.D scientists with the right solutions to your facility's needs. Our 200+ chemical and equipment products provide a broad range of water treatment services to help our partners succeed. We operate in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. From industrial process water to HVAC management, and everything in between, we help our partners minimize costs, maximize operating efficiency and realize maximum return on investment.

Whether you source your water from rivers, wells, or the city, Water Dynamics can provide treatment during every step in the water cycle, from the moment it enters your facility to the moment it leaves. We have the right chemical products to help your systems run cleanly and efficiently and the expertise to execute an effective water treatment program.

Where we truly excel is through the service we provide to our partners. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not simply stop in for brief monthly service calls. It is our policy to provide as much service as necessary to help our clients reach their goals. We take proactive approaches to meet our customers' needs. Read about our proactive Legionella intiative. We are always available to answer our customers' questions and address issues that arise. We understand that water conditions vary widely from facility to facility and that conditions are never stable. In a constantly changing field, we are a pillar that our partners can lean on to ensure the security of their operations and minimize downtime.

At Water Dynamics, we provide water treatment solutions, pure and simpleā„¢

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Green Chemistry

Explore our green initiatives to improve your facility's chemical usage, carbon footprint, water consumption and effluent water composition to help protect the environment and reduce costs.


ASHRAE Passes Standard 188

June, 2015

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) passed Standard 188 for the prevention of Legionellosis in Building Water Systems in June, 2015. The standard describes the guidelines building owners must follow to comply with the standard and reduce the risk of Legionella spp. growth. These species of disease-causing bacteria grow in the ideal temperature environment of cooling towers and domestic hot water systems. If left unmanaged, Legionella can cause flu-like symptoms and in many cases death in immune-compromised people. Click here to learn about how Water Dynamics can help your facility manage Legionella risk and comply with ASHRAE Standard 188.

12 Dead in NYC Legionella Outbreak

August, 2015

According to New York City officials, the deadly bacteria Legionella that grows in water environments, including building cooling towers, has claimed the lives of 12 New Yorkers since July, 2015. City officials have since mandated that all buildings with cooling towers are required to test for Legionella. In response to the outbreak, the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that they will provide free Legionella testing to eligible buildings. Click here to learn more about how Water Dynamics can help you detect and remediate Legionella in your water systems.

Electron microscope image of Legionella pneumophila bacteria

Case Study: Food Manufacturing

Water Dynamics partners with a major food processing plant to provide higher-quality and safer vegetable products to customers.

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