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Fully-Automated Chemical Control

Tight control over system chemistry is vital to maintain maximal plant operation and extend the life of valuable equipment. It is becoming increasingly common that facility operating staff have limited time and resources. Automated chemical equipment can ensure that water systems run as efficiently as possible. Water Dynamics provides the most cutting-edge automation equipment to ensure precise control over system chemistry so you can focus on maximizing productivity.

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-Automated control of cycles of concentration and system blow down
-Real-time system monitoring, including web-based remote monitoring
-Automated chemical feed
-Historical data monitoring

System Control
It is critical to control levels of minerals in concentrated water to prevent the formation of mineral scale and deterioration of system metals. Water Dynamics can provide automated control based on system chemistry, most commonly water conductivity. Fully-automated feed of chemical corrosion inhibitors and microbiocides provides superior control over your system's chemistry.

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