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Protecting the Environment

These days, everyone is more conscious about the role that facility operations play in impacting our local and global environment. From excessive water usage to unnecessary energy consumption, these factors can play a big role in how we affect our surroundings. According to the US Department of Energy, a mineral scale deposit only 1/64th of an inch thick on steam boiler tubes can lead to a 1% loss of fuel efficiency. Simply put, it takes more energy to create steam if even the smallest amount of scale exists on your boiler tubes. Cooling systems can suffer a similar loss of cooling capacity if scale deposition is present. The observant operator will quickly realize that not only do scale deposits decrease fuel efficiency, but this leads to wasted money due to increased fuel costs. Water Dynamics' superior chemical programs are designed to maximize heat transfer, so your operations run as efficiently as possible to reduce fuel consumption and decrease the carbon impact of your facility.

Water usage also plays an important role in environmental impact. Water Dynamics has a wide range of products that allow maximal concentrating of minerals to safely increase cycles of concentration and decrease the demand for excessive make up water and high water usage bills.

An environmentally sound water treatment program depends on a deep understanding of the chemistry used in water treatment applications and how this chemistry affects our surroundings. At Water Dynamics, we understand this balance to ensure that operations run as environmentally-friendly as possible. We provide a range of green products that allow effective control of water systems, while having the least impact on the environment.

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-Effective scale control to maximize heat transfer
-Decreased fuel/water usage and related costs
-Effective control of effluent waste water
-Earn points toward LEED certification

Fuel Efficiency and Savings
Consider the following example taken directly from the US Department of Energy website:
-A fire-tube boiler operates 8,000 hours annually at its rated capacity of 45,000 lbs/hr of 150 psig steam
-450,000 million Btu per year
-Energy costs of $8.00 per million Btu
Result: a 1/32nd inch-thick scale deposit decreases efficiency by 2% leading to an additional $72,000 per year in fuel costs!

LEED Credits
LEED certification is issued by the US Green Building Council and it certifies that buildings adhere to a set of guidelines demonstrating a commitment to the environment and criteria that ensure that buildings operate as efficiently as possible. Water and energy efficiency is a key component of LEED certification. Water Dynamics can assist you in achieving a number of LEED credits toward your certification.

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